Our primary focus is the jungles of Vietnam and the real campaigns that happened there. Such as the 1st R.A.R. in the Battle of Long Tan to the battle of Ia Drang with the Air Cavarly.

World War 2

We also ground pound in Europe with WWII ops such D-Day and Market Garden. We move in force and experience the might and persistence of the Allied Forces.

Operations & Training Schedules

Weekly Operations Schedule

Our operations are scheduled on Sundays, starting at 16:00 UK/11:00 US Eastern. This is when the operation starts and the platoon moves out. To be fully kitted out and ready to go, we request all members to join at least 20 minutes early.

Monthly Orientation Schedule

Orientation training is scheduled on the last Saturday of each month, starting at 16:00 UK/11:00 US Eastern. As with our operations, this is when orientation starts. We request all new recruits to join at least 30 minutes early. This allows for time to resolve any potential issues with mod setup or joining the server. Join us in Teamspeak for support needed to join the server.

Speciality Training

We also provide occassional training sessions on Saturdays, starting at the same time as Orientation. These training sessions are either for jump school or recon school. As with orientation, you'll need to join at least 30 minutes early.

1st Platoon Online

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